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First public play of "Farmer's Tale for a Prepared Piano" from the forthcoming Sans Parade album just now at Jori Hulkkonen's Ydintalvipuutarha! Raised some desperate Shazaaming so supposedly sounded good!

I read the news today. Oh boy. Sans Parade's second album is coming soon!

Vappu lähenee ja tässä oivallinen soittolista sinne simanne oheen! // Vappu (aka May Day or Walburgis day) is a big and important festival here in Finland and our new friends at have chosen five of their favourite songs to listen to while sipping bubbly drinks on your chequered picnic blanket. A Ballet in the Sea included! Enjoy!

Sometimes you need to take a small step backwards before you can take a big step forward. So goodbye to the good old Sans Parade studio, and long may you run with new occupant Jori Sjöroos. Mixing of our forthcoming album was unfortunately delayed couple months because of the studio relocation... but as we say in Finland: "good things are worth waiting for" :-)

Salutations to our friends and soulmates in NEØV and a glimpse of things to be aware of: (Interviewer) -As you might have more insights in that – which Finish newcomer bands would you advice us to give a listen to? (Neøv) -Sans Parade is preparing to release their second album. I’m waiting for it and you should too. We had a good time playing with Jaakko Aukusti a few weeks ago. He just released his first EP. Check it out. I’d like to also recommend The Hearing. She’s talented.

Vocal recordings are finished. The second album is starting to be ready! EXCITEMENT!

Tänään kuullaan sooloesityksenä Sans Paradea livenä Bar Kukassa! Alkaen klo 21.30!

Solistimme Markus Perttula esittää 4.5. turkulaisessa Bar Kukassa soolona Sans Paraden kappaleita. Toisena esiintyjänä helsinkiläinen City Lungs!

The Great Jori Hulkkonen and his selected songs on Nordic Playlist, var så goda:

And if you're more into photos, then here are some pics from our tour in Switzerland:

We hope you didn't miss our music video for End of the World 1964 last year! Well, here it is and lots of other good Nordic songs, s'il vous plait:

Our album was highly appreciated on Platten vor Gericht's site

Some great music from the year 2013:

Sans Parade vuoden 2013 kovimmissa kotimaisissa (Rosvot/SlowShow/Juhani)

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